Great Big Green Week: The Joyful Environmentalist by Isabel Losada

29th September 2022 @ 7:30 pm – 9:15 pm
The Bookseller Crow on the Hill
50 Westow St
London SE19 3AF
Jonathan Main
0208 771 8831

The GREAT BIG GREEN WEEK and Croydon Climate Action present Isabel Losada and her latest book, THE JOYFUL ENVIRONMENTALIST which won the ‘Best Overall Book on Sustainability 2022′ at The Independent.
From a sold-out event at Hay Festival to the Bookseller Crow, Isabel and her infectious spirit will introduce how being joyful might help propel the green activism movement. For those increasing numbers of us suffering from eco-anxiety, THE JOYFUL ENVIRONMENTALIST acts as a guide through the maze of conflicting advice, steering us round the pitfalls while gently supporting our stumbling steps. Through her own stories of frustration and confusion, meltdowns and bafflement, this book will chime with anyone who has ever tried to do their bit for conservation in a world that seems determined to thwart them at every turn.
‘Joy is one of the best motivations we can have for change,’ Dr Rowan Williams says, ‘Perhaps the most important message any environmentalist can give at the moment is that green options are neither just a last desperate hope for saving the planet, nor misery maximisers that will make life less worth living.’
George Monbiot says of THE JOYFUL ENVIRONMENTALIST: ‘This is the joy we need in our lives, cutting through the despair to help us find our way in the world’.
‘Told with humour and candour, The Joyful Environmentalist is a manifesto of brilliant advice offered with humility and good grace – it is a practical guide to empower us all.’ – Isabella Tree, Author of ‘Wilding’
Tickets are £5 which includes a glass of wine or beer.