A Hero for High Times – Ian Marchant in Conversation with Travis Elborough

7th June 2018 @ 7:30 pm – 9:15 pm
The Bookseller Crow
50 Westow St
London SE19 3AF
Jonathan Main
020 8771 8831

When Ian began to teach at Birmingham City University in 2006, almost immediately something began to trouble him. His students, and even some of his colleagues, showed a puzzling ignorance of a large swath of recent British history.
The Oz trials, the Battle of the Beanfield, Swampy, Greenham Common, RD Laing, the I Ching, Crass, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance; all these things, so fundamental to Marchant’s understanding of the world, elicited nothing more than a baffled “huh?” from anyone under the age of 40.
Which is why, to give the book its full subtitle, he decided to write A Hero for High Times: A Younger Reader’s Guide to the Beats, Hippies, Freaks, Punks, Ravers, New-Age Travellers and Dog-on-a-Rope Brew Crew Crusties of the British Isles, 1956-1994 (and dedicate it to his granddaughters.)
Delectable cultural historian Travis Elborough will be in conversation with Ian.
Get a signed copy for Father’s Day or rather, Grandfather’s Day!
Tickets £3