SE19 Lates: Crow Christmas Soirée with David Darrell-Lambert and Lev Parikian

13th December 2018 @ 7:30 pm – 9:15 pm
The Bookseller Crow
50 Westow St
London SE19 3AF
Jonathan Main
020 8771 8831

Featuring many things feathery, our Christmas soirée will inspire twitchers and non-twitchers alike. This free event fuses our love for winged creatures with a chance to get your shopping done, all with a snowball cocktail in hand! David Darrell-Lambert, who runs the Birdbrain UK ornithological consultancy, brings his new book, Birdwatching London which reveals the amazing variety of birdlife in the capital, and offers wonderful ideas for a day out among nature.
Lev Parikian is a music conductor and writer. At twelve years old he was an avid birdwatcher, but he was also a fraud, a liar and a cheat. Those lists of birds seen and ticked off? One hundred and thirty species? More like sixty. Then, when he turned fifty, he decided to right his childhood wrongs and go birdwatching again. He would aim to see two hundred species of British bird in a year. Why Do Birds Suddenly Disappear? is the story of this challenge. Refreshments served (and we’ll be topping up the feeders).