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Bad Bunny

by Steve Smallman & Migy Blanco

Bad Bunny-Steve Smallman Migy Blanco

Being firmly of the opinion that infant insubordination is highly overrated, I can’t think why I’m recommending this to you. However, as many of the parents and carers visiting the shop clearly have an alternative view on the subject I have come to the conclusion that there must be a market out there for picture books that celebrate naughtiness. So here’s a huge handful of a story, boisterously illustrated, that features a whole bunch of rule breaking by one absolute monkey of a baby rabbit. And it’s not funny at all.

£6.99 Scholastic paperback
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by  Fiona Woodcock

look-Fiona Woodcock

Ooh, here’s a fine early-reader picture book by a writer who was kind enough to grace our window with images from her previous colourful story, Poppy & the Blooms. This time the same glorious spray stencil & illustration style is on offer but we have balloons as well as blooms, and bamboo-munching pandas and kangaroos, baboons, moons, books and even shampoo. Spot the link between them all. The clue lies in the title and in the author’s name too.

£12.99 Harpercollins Hardback
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by Britta Teckentrup

Tree-Britta Tekentrup

How do you explain the weather to a pre-schooler who is happy wearing wellingtons in bed and no trousers at all to nursery, whose idea of hell is a coat or a hat, but who loves to climb and to collect leaves and feed squirrels and eat apples. The answer is obvious: through the medium of the tree. Afterall, trees are pretty much the largest piece of nature in your child’s life and they – for now at any rate – are pretty much everywhere. Teckentrup takes a handsome specimen, branches and all, and inserts an owl to help us watch all the spectacular seasonal action.

Available as both paperback picture book and board book.

£7.99 Little Tiger Paperback
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£6.99 Little Tiger Board book
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Maps of the United Kingdom

by Rachel Dixon & Livi Gosling

I’m a huge fan of kids books that teach adults something and the 50 States and 50 Cities series from Flying Eye continue to fascinate this particular grown-up with the ingenious device of combining myriad historical detail with current cultural facts, fabulously upbeat illustrations and a real sense of global belonging. Here in Brexitland we may be sobbing as we are dragged from Europe but in a quiet corner, a cuppa and biccy in hand, with this book we can at least revel in all us Brits have achieved from Lord Nelson of Norfolk to Sir Anthony Joshua of Northamptonshire (I made the ‘sir’ bit up but I’m certain the honour is in the post), via pasties and pork pies, Harry Potter and Beatrix.

£17.99 Wide Eyed hardback
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